Simonson Associates provides consulting and research services to IP and advertising counsel, in-house counsel, marketing researchers and ad agencies.  We specialize in brand protection consulting and research, and provide strategic guidance, research and expert testimony in the following areas:


-preventing and assessing consumer confusion or brand dilution through research

-consumer surveys to assess trademark infringement or advertising misperception or brand tarnishment

-advertising claims testing (substantiation) and consulting

-creating and testing alternative communications to avoid false inferences but  conveying key messages

-creating, evaluating and modifying brand identity and architecture with an eye towards brand protection

-brand name strategies and research for protecting equity

-assessing brand damage - changes to equity

-consulting on brand identity to enhance the protection of the equity

-copyright and design patent infringement studies

-analysis and review of survey and other market research for regulatory or litigation forums


Dr. Alex Simonson holds a Ph.D. from Columbia Business School in marketing (cognitive psychology and marketing research) research and has nearly two decades’ experience in research relating to brand protection and forensics; he has testified over 40 times.  In addition to having been a full-time professor of marketing for more than ten years, Alex has lectured on marketing and brand research to executives at Georgetown University School of Business, Helsinki Institute of Technology, Columbia University, and many Fortune 100 companies.  His work has been cited by numerous textbooks, articles, trade publications, and books.


We do not outsource entire projects as do some of our competitors, nor do we have large overhead; together, personal supervision of a project and low overheard enables our clients to receive high value at relatively lower project costs.   We also maintain a secured client-access area for clients.



Alex Simonson, Ph.D., J.D.



(Simonson Associates Inc. is headed by Dr. Alex Simonson, formerly co-head of the brand protection/legal marketing research group at Guideline and formerly a full-time professor of marketing at Georgetown University School of Business and an adjunct professor of law at Georgetown University School of Law.) 



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